Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

Mindfulness Auckland offers residential mindfulness meditation retreats

and practice days for graduates of mindfulness course

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– with Self and Others

An urban (non-residential ) Retreat

September 21-22,  2024

Meditation Retreat Auckland

This two day urban retreat is offered for professionals who use mindfulness in their work , MBSR/MBCT graduates , or others with some experience of mindfulness practice who wish to deepen or refresh their practice.

Some prior experience of meditation practice is recommended.

The first day will be a day of silent practice. The practices will be guided by Sue and Nadav, and will focus on the cultivation of presence, compassion, enjoyment and equanimity in the nature-rich environment of Michael Park Steiner School in Ellerslie, Auckland.

The second day will expand the practices to include interpersonal meditation. This can sharpen our capacity to notice and name our internal experience with another, in a safe, structured way. These dialogues can provide profound insights, only achievable in the interpersonal space.

Why should I attend ? 

  • To deepen your listening skills and reduce reactivity in relationships and challenging situations.
  • To further develop the potential of mindfulness meditation practices to keep you healthy and counter burnout
  • This is a unique opportunity to practice with two highly experienced and caring Mindfulness Teachers
  • Life is demanding: Take these two days to take the pressure off yourself and build your resources


Michael Park School, 55 Amy Street, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051


Saturday 9.00am-4.30 pm

Sunday 9.00am-4.00 pm


$460  (GST included)

About the Facilitators:

Sue Dykes, former Director of Mindfulness Auckland, and Nadav Avny, current Director, long term meditators, mindfulness teachers and experienced Clinical Psychologists. Sue and Nadav established a joint regular interpersonal meditation practice (Insight Dialogue) more than two years ago and are familiar with its benefits.


Sue Dykes  MSC, PGDIPCLINPSYSue has a wealth of clinical experience working in public and private sectors.  She is currently in private practice.  She was trained as a Dialectical Behavioural Therapist (DBT) practitioner.  In 2001 and worked at a DBT based programme for seven years. She trained and taught Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) programmes over many years.  She has also trained as a Mindful Self Compassion teacher. She has attended several week long retreats with Gregory Kramer (Founder of Insight Dialogue) . She practices meditation in the Insight Tradition and has been an active member of the Auckland Insight Meditation community since it began.  She attends one or two residential retreats a year.

Nadav Avny (MA Clinical Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy),

Nadav Avny  MAClinical Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Integrative PsychotherapyNadav is the Co-Director of Mindfulness Training Institute: Australia & New Zealand (MTI), which trains mindfulness teachers in our part of the world.  Nadav is the current Director of Mindfulness Auckland, where he teaches MBSR and MBCT programmes.  Nadav practices in the Insight Tradition and facilitates weeklong Insight Meditation residential retreats.  Nadav’s public health work focused on acute mental health inpatient units.  Nadav works in private practice now.

To enquire:

Please contact Sue Dykes suzed42@hotmail.com

or Nadav Avny nadav@safetherapyspace.co.nz

To register:

Please contact Nadav Avny nadav@safetherapyspace.co.nz

Previous Residential Retreats and Testimonials:

7 Days Insight Meditation Retreat, July 2023

All Day Mindfulness Retreat, November 2022

7 Days Insight Meditation Retreat, July 2022

Homecoming: Presence & Compassion

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat in Auckland

Facilitated by Nadav Avny

St Francis Retreat Centre, Hillsborough, Auckland
May 2021

PAST EVENT – See testimonials bellow

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Auckland 2021

All Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

September 2021 – PAST EVENT

Facilitated by Nadav Avny

This All Day Mindfulness Retreat is an integral part of two courses and any remaining available spaces are offered to graduates.

Attending the retreat day was an opportunity to deepen your practice, or reinvigorate it.

The retreat day was held at the beautiful venue of Michael Park School, 55 Amy Street, Ellerslie.


Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Auckland 2021

Testimonials from Homecoming retreat:

This was my first weekend retreat, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The facilitator really helped us and directed us throughout the retreat. I wish more of my family & loved one’s do this, and everyone who struggles to be Kind & Loving do such a retreat as it might help them understand the world better.

With Love & Kindness. Consultant Psychiatrist


What a truly wonderful retreat, just what I needed. I’ve learnt so much to take into my everyday life. The simple things that are often forgotten. You are a truly gifted teacher, and I feel blessed to have met you.


A wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice and take time out to reflect and recalibrate. I would highly recommend this experience. Nadav is an excellent facilitator.

Registered Psychologist


This was my first experience of a silent retreat. Nadav created a safe space to deepen my practice and calmly guided us through a variety of practices. What came up for me was very unexpected and, overall, was a very profound experience.

A.M. Design Manager @ Xero

“Meditation is a microcosm, a model, a mirror. The skills we practice when we sit are transferable to the rest of our lives”.



– Sharon Salzberg