Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

Mindfulness Auckland offers residential mindfulness meditation retreats and practice days for graduates of mindfulness courses.


2021 Upcoming Retreats:

All Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

4th September 2021, 9:30am-4:30pm

Facilitated by Nadav Avny

This All Day Mindfulness Retreat will be an integral part of two courses and any remaining available spaces will be offered to graduates.

Attending the retreat day is as an opportunity to deepen your practice, or reinvigorate it.

The retreat day will be held at the beautiful venue of Michael Park School, 55 Amy Street, Ellerslie.

Registrations to this retreat day will open only on 1/8/2021 – once it is clear how many spaces are available for graduates.


Cost for graduates: $95

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Auckland 2021

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Being. Connection. Compassion.


Mindfulness Meditation Retreat in Auckland

Facilitated by Nadav Avny

St Francis Retreat Centre, Hillsborough, Auckland

Friday 3th December at 6pm – Sunday 5th December at 2.00 pm

Being Compassion Meditation Retreat

St Francis is a beautiful retreat centre.  The participants rated the facility on an average of 9 out of 10 and the food quality as 9 out of 10.  However, the meditation hall has limited capacity.  Accordingly, if you wish to secure a place on this retreat, it will require you to do some advanced planning and register early. 
This will be a silent meditation retreat.  There will be ample opportunity to talk and connect with the other retreatants during the first evening of the retreat.  Practice Review discussion, with other participants and with me, will take place on Saturday afternoon.  This will offer the opportunity to talk about your practice experience and listen to other people’s experiences.  On Saturday and Sunday we will also have two practice periods of Insight Dialogue, which is an interpersonal meditation practice that follows six guidelines that serve as the foundation for bringing awareness and direct inquiry into the nature of our experience. The silent part of the retreat will end in late Sunday morning, and the participants will have plenty of space to discuss their experiences with others. 
The practice during the weekend will include periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful movement, cultivation of presence and compassion to self and others, rest and restoration, connecting with nature on the beautiful ground and mature vegetation of the centre, and enjoy the nourishment of healthy food. Whilst many of the practices will be held as part of group sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to tune in to their own pace and needed space during the retreat.
This weekend retreat can support experienced meditators to deepen their mindfulness practice and enable people new to mindfulness to get first-hand experience of the practice.
My experience of facilitating weekend retreats at the beginning of December is that it offers a very beneficial pause before the lead-up to the festive season, which at times tends to be frantic.  It also tends to provide a meaningful space of ‘bringing the year to close’.  Participants frequently reported that although it takes planning to step out of the rapid current leading to Christmas, it helps them re-establish balance in entering the festive season. 

Joseph Campbell:


“You must have a place in your house or in your mind
Or a moment in your day where you can go
Where you do not know what you owe anyone
Or what anyone owes you;
and you do not know who you are married to,
And you do not know who your children are,
And you do not know what your career is,
And you go there, not to leave any of these responsibilities behind,
But to go to a place of firsthand remembrance,
Where you get back in conversation with yourself
And have a real relationship with yourself.”

Cost: $580
(Covers all meals, single room accommodation, shared bathroom/toilets, facilitator’s fee)

Dietary requirements are catered for (price TBC)

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Meditation retreats in 2022:

7 Days Insight Meditation Retreat 2022

Four Foundations of Mindfulness

(Mindfulness Training Institute: Australia & New Zealand)

with Dianne May and Nadav Avny

1st – 7th April 2022, Te Moata Retreat Centre, Coromande


This 7 days silent meditation retreat is suitable for anyone wishing to deepen their practice and cultivate further understanding of the wisdom teachings underpinning mindfulness practices. The practices and teachings will provide an opportunity to become familiar and explore the four foundations of mindfulness.

This retreat will offer periods of exploring your embodied experience of the four foundations of mindfulness through alternating sitting and walking meditation as well as mindful movement practices. Whilst this retreat is a silent retreat, there will also be opportunities for group and individual discussions with the teachers in order to explore the personal experience of the practice and cultivate mindful communication.

The emphasis will be on creating together a safe, supportive and connected space for you to cultivate heart qualities such as compassion to self and others, courage, patience, authenticity and trust.
The retreat will take place in the beautiful Te Moata Retreat Centre, Coromandel, which is immersed in glorious nature and offers the opportunity to practice within the surrounding environment, explore bush walks and look after the body with nutritious and delicious vegetarian food.

Who is it for?
This retreat welcomes also people who are new to the practice and to meditation. However as this is a silent meditation retreat with an intensive schedule of practice, it will be particularly beneficial for people who have some experience of mindfulness meditation (e.g. having completed the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course). Do be in touch if you want to check that it will be suitable for you.

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Auckland 2022

Registration to this retreat will be coordinated by Mindfulness Training Institute – please register using this link

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Weekend Meditation Retreat 2022


Friday 6 May at 6pm – Sunday 8 May at 2pm,

St Francis Retreat Centre, Hillsbrough, Auckland

Cost: $580
(Covers all meals, single room accommodation, shared bathroom/toilets, facilitator’s fee)


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Weekend Meditation Retreat 2022


Friday 11 November at 6pm – Sunday 13 November at 2pm,

St Francis Retreat Centre, Hillsbrough, Auckland

Cost: $580
(Covers all meals, single room accommodation, shared bathroom/toilets, facilitator’s fee)


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Previous Residential Retreats and Testimonials:

Homecoming: Presence & Compassion

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat in Auckland

Facilitated by Nadav Avny

St Francis Retreat Centre, Hillsborough, Auckland
Friday 7th May at 6pm – Sunday 9th May at 2.00 pm

PAST EVENT – See testimonials bellow

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Auckland 2021

Testimonials from Homecoming retreat:

This was my first weekend retreat, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The facilitator really helped us and directed us throughout the retreat. I wish more of my family & loved one’s do this, and everyone who struggles to be Kind & Loving do such a retreat as it might help them understand the world better.

With Love & Kindness. Consultant Psychiatrist


What a truly wonderful retreat, just what I needed. I’ve learnt so much to take into my everyday life. The simple things that are often forgotten. You are a truly gifted teacher, and I feel blessed to have met you.


A wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice and take time out to reflect and recalibrate. I would highly recommend this experience. Nadav is an excellent facilitator.

Registered Psychologist


This was my first experience of a silent retreat. Nadav created a safe space to deepen my practice and calmly guided us through a variety of practices. What came up for me was very unexpected and, overall, was a very profound experience.

A.M. Design Manager @ Xero

“Meditation is a microcosm, a model, a mirror. The skills we practice when we sit are transferable to the rest of our lives”.



– Sharon Salzberg